Report Name # of pages  Price Brief description
3-DVD set: 7 talks 5 hours  50.00 All-day workshop given in Philadelphia, April 2010: Knights of the Cold War; The Philadelphia Experiment; Hamilton Air Force Base; Battle of the China Gates; Battle of the Harvest Moon; Dulce Battle; Secret Bases
Acronyms & Space History 17 Digital $4.00
Hard copy $5.00
Acronyms used in EDH publications; general history of US Space Program; Project Gemini; Project Apollo; Skylab Program; unmanned space probes
Activities to Follow Detection
of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
15  4.00 Possibility of finding life in space; first steps towards communications; should a message be sent & what should it say; principles for communications; objections to the plan; suggested reading list; text of declaration of principles
Ancestor & Genealogy Report: General
Sources, Spring 1995
17  4.00 General sources in the US; American lineage organizations; American vital records; Africa, Australia, Canada, Europe; Sovereigns of Britain and Scotland; House of Wessex; House of Normandy; House of Norway; family group worksheet
Ancestor & Genealogy Report: General
Sources, Spring 1996
20  4.00 New areas open for archiving; Italian connections; Iowa genealogist; Spohns; Bollinger; Dorset; Nassau; visualizing ancestors; House of Hanover; English Crown; Scottish Crown; Pocahontas; Blood of the Czar; Inheriting a title
Ancestor & Genealogy Report: Castles of Scotland, A to K 108  10.00 Balmoral; Borthwick; Bothwell; Buckholm; Caithness; Wearing of Badges & Feathers; Cessford; Craiggievar; Culzean; Doune; Dudhope; Dunadd; Dunderave; Dundonald; Dunnottar; Dunstaffnage; Duntrune; Dunvegan; Eilean Donan; Finavon; Hermitage; Inverquharity; Kellie; Kisimul.
Ancestor & Genealogy Report: Castles of Scotland, L to Z 87  10.00 Lanark; Leith; Linlithgow; Newark; Moy Hall; Norham; Orkneys; Pitsligo; Rosslyn; Scone; Spite; St. Andrew; Stirling; Tor; Traquair; Urquhart; and Wark
Ancestor & Genealogy Report: Places of Religious or Military Importance in Scotland 86  10.00 Abernethy; Balquhidder, Cramond; Dunadd; Dunfermline; Falkirk; Glencoe; Harlaw; St. Giles; Glasgow; Melrose Abbey; Stone of the Britons; Red Ford; Temple Wood; Whithorn; Wigtown; Worcester
A Secret War of Afghanistan 121  20.00 Military and political history of Afghanistan and Central Asia; UFO sightings; US military involvement after 9/11; alternative theories about why there is a war in Afghanistan
California Coast Story, July 1970, part 1 104  15.00 Peace conference held at Ft. Baker, near San Francisco, CA, attended by humans and non-humans to discuss the humans’ plans to pursue space travel; airship seen in California in 1896-97; confrontation with non-human enemies trying to sabotage the conference.
Club of Rome Report 7  4.00 Regionalized and Adaptive Model of the Global World System; Report on the Progress in the Strategy for Survival Project
Exeter Interstellar Treaty Conference, June 1961 26  4.00 Talk given at PROBE UK conference in Oct. 2011; treaty conference held in southern England between political and military human and non-human leaders; attended by 100s of non-human species; two human children participated in ‘social experiment’ of interacting and playing with several non-human children
From Psyop to Mindwar: The Psychology
of Victory
12  4.00 Report written by Col. Paul E. Vallely and Maj. Michael A. Aquino
HAARP 59  6.00 Information and statistical material about the HAARP project.
Hamilton Air Force Base, Summer 1952 384  40.00 Account of incidents in summer of 1952 involving UFOs. In early August, several UFOs approached the base and a first contact with a reptilian species followed. Report discusses technologies being developed at the time and lessons learned from the raptor about space and science.
Intelligence Issues, Spring 2000 46  6.00 Nucleus of Disaster; Energy Security; CIA Records Nightmare; NSA; Shared Strength Means Growth: Squeezing Energy from an E-Bomb
Intelligence Issues, Winter 1999 25  4.00 The Death of Ron Brown; Corona and the Big Sky Spies; CIA Base is Mysterious as Blackbeard; Hoover letter concerning JFK murder; Parrott note; Temple of Set information
Into the Darkness 20  4.00 Snooping on government facilities; UFO/paranormal research: China Lake; Kings Canyon; Lassen; Golden Oak Spring; Smoky Mountain Nat’l Park; Gold Lake; Alamo Lake; Anzo-Borrego Naval Gunnery Range; Decline and Death of Mark Shoup; Graveyard at Three Mile
Knights of the Cold War and Synopsis of the
Battle of China Gates
31  4.00 Talk given at PROBE UK conference in Oct. 2007; biographies of Capt. Mark Richards and Maj. Ellis Loyd Richards, Jr.; synopsis of the Battle of the China Gates – taken from mission report about 2-pronged attack on humanity: invasion fleet coming from space and tectonic weapons being used from secret base in Antarctica
Living and Working on  the New Frontier 30  4.00 Space shuttle; sanitation in orbit; spacesuits and rescue equipment; recreation and sleeping; living and working aboard a space station; biological hazards; medical care; sex in space; telescopes
Lusitania’s Last Voyage 24  4.00 History of ship; attack and sinking of the ship; VIPs on board the ship; discusses possible alternative reasons for sinking the ship
Military/NSA Space Program 22  4.00 Inactive Launch Vehicles; Current Launch Vehicles; US Space Launch Sites; Proposals and Prospects; US Space Command; Golden Age of NASA/USAF Space Acquisition Organizations; USAF Space Command Commanders; NRO Directors; USAF Space Command HQ; Space Cruiser; NSA Organization and Functions
New Space Drive Concepts 14  3.00 Alcubierre “Warp” Drive; Antigravity “Drive” reports; Krasnikov tube
NRO History & Facilities 17  4.00 NRO history; facilities; operational facilities; new facilities
NRO Operations 17  4.00 Operations; NRO procurement practices; NRO industrial base; NRO and Titan IV; NRO Organization; 1992 functional reorganization
NSA 24  4.00 Establishment & role in intelligence community; inside the NSA; operations; history; facilities; satellite intercept operations; budget and personnel
Operation Highjump 159  20.00 Intro to Antarctic mystery; early exploration; founding of Base 211; Highjump; UFO sightings in 1950s and 1960s; A New Century
Principles of Rockets 16  4.00 Principles of rocket propulsion; classification of rocket engines; nuclear rockets; electric propulsion; rocket engine performances; airframes, aerodynamics, and re-entry guidance; communications; tracking and data acquisition facilities
Proposed Constitutional Model for the
Newstates of America
15  4.00 Prepared over a 10-year period by the Center for the Democratic Studies of Santa Barbara, CA
Russian WIG-WIGE Craft of
the 20th Century
64  8.00 History and description of several WIG/WIGE craft – a ship with wings that cruises just above the water’s surface; crossover between a hydrofoil and aircraft.
Secret Bases in Middle East and Central Asia 131  20.00 History and information about Central Asia and Caucasia, leading readers to understand the secret reasons why the US in involved with that part of the world; UFO sightings; alien encounters; stargates.
Space Travel Concepts 17  4.00 For university-level young adults; real cost of space travel and settlement; catching the wind from the sun; power beaming route to space.
Statistics of Spacefaring 14  4.00 Earth-base spacefaring nations; worldwide launches; payloads in orbit; manned spaceflights; Russian activity; major civilian satellites in military use; major military satellite sytems
Swiss Air Flight 111: A Case Study 20  4.00 Crash or target? – that is the question. Report about the crash and interesting questions surrounding the incident; key people on board; the investigation; jet-based laser weapon
Tarija UFO Crash, May 1978 24  4.00 Talk given at PROBE UK conference in Oct. 2011; well-documented UFO crash in Bolivia with many groups trying to reach it first; incident involved a plot to turn back a timeline, leaving the world unready to defend itself, and allowing an enemy species to invade; first contact with friendly insect species; reveals names of many involved with New World Order
The Battle of the Harvest Moon 26  4.00 Talk given at PROBE UK conference in Oct. 2007; taken from mission report about alien invasion fleet heading to Earth from space; US base on the moon; space battle to defend Earth
The Battle of New Berlin, excerpts 27  4.00 Excerpts from full-length report: Keeping UFOs a secret; UN Deep Space Fleet; alien threat; aliens at New Berlin and tectonics; civlians and Black Ops; protecting the public about the truth about the alien threat; alien plot; alien species and spacecraft; New Berlin base; the Earth without Humans
The Battle of Vesta, August 1979 164  20.00 Space mission to the Asteroid Vesta to aid with treaty conference; first contact with ‘cat’ species; space battle with enemy aliens planning to attack Earth
The Dulce Battle, Fall 1979 166  20.00 Report presented to Joints Chiefs of Staff in Dec. 2011; edited from three reports; discussion of the information discovered by researchers, aliens at the Dulce base, the human victims, the experiments at the base, and the rescue mission known as the ‘Battle of Dulce’
The Nature of Space 18  4.00 For ages 8 to 14; the atmosphere; general characteristics of space; adapting man to live and work in space; the solar system; comets; distance; nature of space beyond the solar system; cosmogony and cosmology; space shuttle.
The Sinking of the Kursk 69  8.00 Incident involving the sinking of a Russian nuclear sub in Aug. 2000.  Report discusses the event, the possible causes of the sinking, and the rescue/recovery operations.
Threat of Near-Earth Objects 129  15.00 Major prehistoric impacts by space objects on Earth; human study of asteroids, comets, and other space-based bodies; chart of well-known NEOs
US ‘X’ Plane Program 19  4.00 Information and statistical material about space; information about the research airplane program; recent space issues and developments
Zagros Mountains 110  15.00 Ancient history of Zagros Mountains in Iran; Behistun Inscription; geologic hints; Ahnernerbe; Reptoids; stargates in Iran; finding the Kur Gate; New World Order; current events
Zone of Silence 42  4.00 Site in Northern Mexico where strange events occurred; meteorites; UFO sightings; Green River AFB; military secrets