July 2017 events

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Jo Ann Richards will speak about the Dulce Base at the Sat. night reception (July 1) of the Dulce Base Conference, June 30-July 2. https://dulce-base.com/

EDH will have a booth at the MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas, July 21-23.




  • Derrick Taylor says:

    The next time you speak to you husband. Ask him what comes to mind about a human named Derrick Taylor born 03/29/1971 Sylcauga, AL. Thank You. DT . P.S. I have a Identical Twin.

  • Ralph Franco says:

    Hello and Hi Joann the day you’re presentation aired on YouTube About Space fleet and many other living Entities to Dimensional , Raptors,Reptoids, crafts,that were alive .wow I am a Believer and I also have Had the privilege cause I feel that theyallowed me to witness them in the air or to get my attention well I’m walking down the street and look up in ICU crafts that is morphing into something totally different where nobody busy day and nobody outside or anything except for me and then I just wanted to see you I didn’t think that was that type of entities out there but wow you could be around me right now that’s pretty amazing . you’re Husband awesome and I’m grateful for his Service and everything He does. I have been a sensitive, I feel and know if we are alone or an evil or bad Energy is present or know when a person is under the influence of another entity that is taking refuge in his mind or what not but I can tell us things but what I was going to ask you so each time tell me if I’m going to write each time that I could be somewhere by myself and I feel like someone’s watching me so that’s why I’ve been I look up and there’s a ship morphine or I get this nugs like he look over here there’s something going on over there you got your way of signaling me and was that visual mitsumi only or you know exactly like there’s something else instore ever since my first ever Craft sighting I have been lead deeper into knowing and I feel like I was lead to this point and well what I’m trying to say I guess is I I’m thankful for people like you it gives answer to persons and people like me Cinderella I feel like that they got some other sightings you want me to be witness to so is that possible when you think that happens to a lot of people and does this situation happen to a lot of people that you know of thanks and that I will look forward to your Dulce show in presentation thank you Ralph Franco ps I don’t think I have been visited at home or anything yet. But who knows maybe one day that’ll be revealed but I look forward to your presentations and tell your husband thank you

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