EDH to have booth at BayCon May 27-30

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EDH will have a booth at the BayCon sci-fi/fantasy convention May 27-30, 2016, at the San Mateo Mariott San Francisco Airport. Come by the booth to say hello. Check out the reports, DVDs, and graphics for sale.


  • Cindy says:

    Hello JoAnn,
    I’m probably really behind as to what the current status of your husbands unjustified incarceration , but wondered if you had looked into Admiralty Law?
    As I am sure you already know this corporation that we live in, called the United States, was hijacked a long time ago.
    I pray you and Mark are well, and I thank you for all of your efforts and service.

    Beatific peace,


    • joann says:

      So sorry for my long overdue response. I’ve just gotten the login to my revised website. People have told us about Admiralty Law. Mark doesn’t think it would work for his high-profile ‘murder’ case. The NWO would fight it with great efforts. Thanks anyway. Jo Ann

  • I appreciate your work. Thanks you so much

  • gary smith says:

    love the info keep up the good work.

  • Dominic says:

    Hi Joe,

    Only just came across your story/website through your American ‘Coast to Coast’. Any possibility of visiting the UK in the not so distant future?.
    Best regards,

    • joann says:

      Hi Dominic,
      So sorry for the delayed response. Just got the login to my site’s back end. I will be speaking in England in Oct.: in the Lytham St. Annes area (near Blackpool) Oct. 10-11 at PROBE UK conference; and, at the UFO Academy on Oct. 17 at High Elms Manor in Watford (near London). Where are you based? I hope you’re able to attend one of the events. Feel free to email me at ecochicks@edhca.org. Jo Ann

  • Avi Rotem says:

    Hi Jo Ann,
    I hope you are well. I just finished ‘The Dulce Battle’.It is not easy, but I believe it. I dont discuss such things with my family who already think my interest in UFO;s etc. is crazy. Israeli’s are very closed minded about such things. Mark is truly an amazing hero who should be a model for all humanity instead of sitting in prison. I hope someday to see him freed and see people know what he, his father and others like them have done for us all.
    Best Regards,
    Avi Rotem

    • joann says:

      Thanks so much, Avi. Sorry for the delayed response. I just got the login to my site. You are welcome to email me at ecochicks@edhca.org. I’ll be speaking in England in Oct. (hint, hint). Hope to see you again in the near future.

  • Jan Barton says:

    This address was given for more complete Dulce papers. How do I access them please?

    • joann says:

      Sorry for the delayed response…just got my login info back. You would need to order the report from me. It’s $25 plus postage if you want a hard copy; $20 for the digital copy.

  • Hi Jo Ann,

    I’m a guy from the Netherlands.
    I came across your interview(s) trough Youtube by researching whistle blowers like David Wilkock, John Lea, James Casbolt i.e. mainly by the ‘Project Camelot’ interviews, which opened my eyes for this realm of secret information.
    I knew something about cover-ups like Blue Book, MJ-12, Kecksburg, the Monthauk project, secret moon bases, Alien contacts, etc.

    But listening to James Casbolt really shocked me about things ordenairy people just do ot know about! Not even the slightest clue.
    Then I heard you telling… That much detail and knowledge about really weird stuff.

    I’m working on a book about the lies since WW-II that has been told to us and I realised that a lot of todays problems have their origin in Nazi thinking and also the Eugenics idea …, Black money, gold trade, black ops, Antarctica …
    well everything seems to be connected.

    Knowing all this it makes me really sick and throw up.
    How do you cope after all that has happened to you and your husband?

    I feel like going numb, just want to ignore and forget all this shit.
    Or finding help from those guys above perhaps?

    Good luck blowing your whistle !


    • joann says:

      Hi Frank,

      Thanks for your message. I cope by keeping busy and sharing as often as I can. I’m fascinated by the history and info that Mark is sharing. I choose not to bury my head in the sand nor live in fear.

      I’m speaking in England in October…perhaps you can attend one or both events.

      Cheers, Jo Ann

  • James Hsu says:

    Hi Jo An
    I would like to support your cause, you mentioned we can buy his books from (dragonhealthbook.com ?), Please point me to the right site.
    Also on your youtube description block, you can put in these infos

  • asriell says:

    Irgendwann kommt die Zeit in der die Regierungen ihre Geheimnisse offen legen müssen. Die Zeit in der die Vertuschung ein Ende haben. Ich wünsche Ihnen und Ihrem Mann das sie dies noch gemeinsam erleben dürfen. Ich habe keine Nachforschungen zu ihrem Mann gestellt, glaube Ihnen aber.!Das passt zu so vielem. Ich wünsche Ihnen Kraft und Durchhaltevermögen! Grüße aus Deutschland

  • Hello Jo Ann,

    My name is Marian Nicolae, I’m a Romanian national and “it happens” to me, to be in the first line of our Earth’s defense. With all due modesty I did manage to accomplish some things, like avoiding WW 3…at least so far and even to change the human future. For real. How can I help you…???

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