The EDH research center is located at the Richards’ family property in beautiful San Anselmo, California. Set in a castle-like setting with quiet gardens similar to old European private libraries, the environment is a natural setting for serious research on the many EDH topics.

The EDH research center provides a growing research facility for high school and college students.  There is an extensive collection on Wicca, ‘mythical’ creatures (such as dragons and faeries), history, modern military history, space, and environmental issues. The research center is proud to own “The Parliament Rolls of Medieval England” covering 1272 to 1504, and several volumes of The Golden Bough.

Doing research at Dragonhill is a scholastic gift. Acceptance is limited.

If you’re interested in doing research at the Dragonhill Research Center, please complete the following application.  Mail to the address listed below or copy/paste and email to:ecochicks@edhca.org.


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