August 2017 Events

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Jo Ann Richards will be speaking at UPARS in Studio City, CA, on Aug. 15, and at MUFON Orange County on Aug. 16.

Jo Ann Richards will be a guest on Ohio Exopolitics on Sunday, Aug. 13, 8:30 PM EST.


  • Penny Harper says:

    Jo Ann, I really enjoyed your informative talk at MUFON in Costa Mesa, CA Aug. 16, 2017. This is the first time I have heard about you and your secret space program husband. Your talk confirmed some suspicions I’ve had, like sci-fi movies and TV programs are the government’s way of preparing us to calmly accept space travel and aliens. And I learned from your well illustrated talk that a lot of what is considered science fiction today is actually reality, but being kept secret from U.S. civilians. You’ve opened a window of knowledge for me and I plan to order your print outs and find out more about the secret space program. You have also clarified some of the experiences I have had with 4 ET groups on board their flying craft. Although I have been instructed not to discuss some of these experiences, it helped a lot to see in your power point slides one of the craft I had been on. It just helps give me confirmation of the reality of that type of craft.

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