Who Is Earth Defense Headquarters?

Earth Defense Headquarters, EDH, is an educational nonprofit for science, education, and creative arts. It has been formed to collect and distribute information in the fields of history, science, sustainable living, politics, social issues, modern military history, paranormal phenomena, space, cryptozoology, extraterrestrial science, magical arts, and “otherwise forgotten” information.

EDH will share its findings via EDH reports, books and films.

The Dragonhill Research Center in San Anselmo, CA, will provide a growing research facility for high school and college students, similar to old European private libraries. The quiet garden setting is a natural setting for the variety of research files and books available on many topics, focusing on those mentioned above.

“If we are to protect our Republic, we must always be watchful of threats from within as well as known enemies from without. More often than not, the greatest enemy is in our own government.”

– E. L. Richards, Jr.

Mission Statement

It is the goal of EDH to present alternative truths that are not found in mainstream textbooks or media.  EDH wants to help affect positive changes in the community and beyond.